Hello, fellow crafter! I’m Carla

I started my blog in 2021 to share my creative ideas and creations with others to help them find inspiration and fun in crafting using their Cricut.

I have always loved to craft and create my own decor for my home and to give as gifts. I want to help others and inspire them to get creative.

When not working my full time job I spend my time creating designs in my craft room to bring my new creations to the craft world by sharing my papercraft and vinyl projects, along with Cricut tutorials to help others.

I want to help others with their creative life by bringing them colorful, unique and fun craft projects. Crafting is a way of being able to destress and help you with other areas in your life that you need a way of dealing with things by escaping and creating something.

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Southern Sweet Tea

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Harry Potter Series

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About Carla

Hey there, I’m Carla the creator and owner of Carla Arlene Creations.

I have always been a creatively crafty person, that loves making things. I have done various crafts since I was young and have always enjoyed coming up with my own designs. I love to decorate my home, at the moment I decorate for 25 different holidays, reasons and seasons.

I am from Pennsylvania and have always lived here, although I am more like my father and prefer the South (he was from Florida). We hope to eventually move South.

I am an introvert, most likely from things I went through as a child. Brett has helped to bring me out of my shell more and give me the confidence to start my own business.

I’m a wife and caregiver to my best friend and husband, Brett, who is disabled due to MS. Brett has had MS for over half of his life now, he was diagnosed 25 years ago.

I was born with color perception deficiency (colorblind), I can see colors I just I don’t have as broad of a spectrum of shades of colors as most people and I do get some of them confused (greens and browns, blues and purples). My father was colorblind.

We have a rescue cat named Brandy, to keep us company.

I started my shop on Etsy in 2021, also known as Carla Arlene Creations

I started my blog and shop as a way to keep my creative mind going once I retire in a year, and also to share with others.

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