Adding Text in Cricut Design Space

adding text in Cricut Design Space

Learn How to Add Text in Design Space

In this Cricut tutorial, I will show you how to add text to shapes that were pre-designed for a card.

Upload the pre-designed shape(s) or you can use the ones in Design Space

First, upload and open the pre-designed shapes into Design Space. You can use your own shapes or the ones that are in Design Space.

Signs shown in design space

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Adding a Text Box

Next, select the “Text” icon on the left side of the screen to add a text box.

adding a text box in design space

A text box will appear, as seen above. Type what you want to appear on the sign.

Changing the Font Type, Size and Alignment

The down arrow next to the font name, will show a drop down menu of fonts.

changing the font in design space

Using the down arrow next to the font name, select the type of font you want to use.

selecting the font type you want in design space

With the text selected, change the font size by using the arrows under “font size” in order for the text to fit within the sign. You can also enter a number, into the box under font size.

changing the font size in design space

Now you can move the text box onto the shape and place it where you want it.

Next, change the alignment of the text to “center” by using the down arrow under alignment.

changing the alignment to center in design space

Attaching the Text to the Signs and Selecting the Pen

Select all using the Control + A (on a PC) or the Command + A (on a Mac), then select “Attach”. This will keep the text within the area you want it to be.

selecting all and attaching in design space

Next, select the “text” to change it from basic cut to the pen setting.

changing the text from basic cut to pen in design space

To change to the pen setting, under “Operation” using the down arrow next to “Basic Cut”, a drop down menu will appear. Select the “Pen”.

changing from basic cut to pen in design space

Now, you are ready to select “Make It”.

ready to cut and print in design space

Next, you will select your paper type. Depending upon the Cricut machine you have. If you are using the Cricut Maker, you will select the paper type on the screen.

selecting the paper type in design space on a Cricut Maker

When using other Cricut machines you will use the dial on top to select the paper type.

Once you have the paper type selected, insert the color of pen that you want to use in the “A” Clamp of your machine and insert the Fine Point Blade in the “B” Clamp.

Inserting the pen in clamp A and the fine point blade in clamp B

Now, you are ready to put your paper on the mat and load it into the machine to print and cut.

Download this easy to use handout

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