Craft Table Drawer Organization

Hey fellow crafter, are you like me, you’ve been crafting for a while and you find that the drawers in your craft table are becoming unorganized? Although I’ve crafted for years, a few years ago I decided to make a room in our apartment my craft room.

I added several craft furniture pieces, including a Sauder Craft Table.

sauder craft pro series table

I love my craft table it has cubbies to organize some of your craft supplies and three drawers to store your tools and other items. Unfortunately with continuing to add tools I need for the crafts I do, my craft table drawers have become an unorganized mess.

inside of craft table drawer before organizing

To make things easier for me to find the tools I need for the craft project that I am working on, I decided to organize the drawers in my craft table.

Searching for Craft Table Drawer Organizers

I went to one of my favorite places to shop, Amazon. I searched for drawer organizers.

amazon drawer organizers search

I researched through several listings on Amazon, until I found a set of drawer organizers that I thought would work for me.

craft drawer organizers on Amazon

Organizing Your Craft Table Drawers

I emptied my craft table drawers, one by one and using the drawer organizers I purchased, I was able to separate my various tools and other items I use, so that they are more easily found when I need them. I used three of the four sizes of organizers that I received.

craft table drawer organized

Having the drawers in my craft table more organized will make it easier to craft without having to search for the craft tool I need.

I know sometimes decluttering and organizing can be a huge task, but once you have organized your tools and supplies you will find it easier to work on your craft projects and be able to find what you need so much easier.

Looking for some ideas of furniture to use in your craft room? Check out my post on craft room storage.

Happy Crafting!


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