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craft room feb 2023

If you are like me your craft room is probably always evolving. This was the last picture I took of mine and it has even changed a little since then. I am one of those crafters who is always cleaning up after I am done crafting for the day, even if I’m still working on a project.

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When you live in an apartment you need to be able to maximize your storage as you usually have very little room to store much. For me it is not only living in an apartment but also having to make sure that there is room for my husband to be able to get around using his walker, which can be a challenge in what furniture I can have and use.

I love my craft room to be colorful and organized. Having an organized craft room is key to crafting as it helps you be able to find your supplies and tools with ease.

I have to say one of the best purchases I have made for my craft room is my craft table. I absolutely love this table as it has lots of room to work on, along with storage. This is a Sauder Craft Pro Series Work Table that I purchased off of Amazon.

sauder craft pro series table

I use cloth storage bins to organize some of my craft supplies in the cubbies of my work table. The drawers pull out on either side so you are able to access what you have stored in them.

I have a photo background drop cloth on top of my table to keep it from getting scratched up. Since we have carpeting throughout most of our home, I have large moving men underneath the legs, in order to be able to move it if need be.

This 7 drawer cart on wheels is where I store my Cricut mats, transfer tape, vellum and other items. I also use this cart for my Brother Sewing Machine.

7 drawer black storage cart

The craft storage cart below is where I keep my pens, gem stones, camera stuff, embossing folders and Easy Presses for easy access.

white craft cart

I have three storage units for storing my paper. When organizing my card stock, I like to have it organized by color. I purchased the unit below at Michaels, I keep my 12×12 card stock in this unit along with any extra 8 1/2 x 11 card stock. This cart came with wheels although I don’t have them on it right now as with carpeting it can be hard to move.

large paper storage colored drawers unit

The cart below also came from Michaels, I use it to keep my scraps of card stock and some of my 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.

small colored drawer storage cart

I also used some paper storage cubes from Michaels, along with a cube with shelves inside and a peg board for a door. I store some of 12 x 12 card stock, along with my paints, ink pads and other items I use in my craft projects.

Michaels paper storage cubes

I’ve finally found the best storage solution for my HTV and vinyl. I’ve seen several posts about shoe storage that has doors to use for vinyl storage. I purchased a set of twelve (12) shoe boxes to store my vinyl and I have to say it is great way to store it. I am in the process of labeling the doors so I know which vinyl is permanent, removable and HTV.

vinyl rolls craft storage boxes

Labeling your drawers is a huge help in being able to locate items in your craft room without having to search. I have labeled several of my drawer units using my Cricut and removable vinyl.

I hope you have found my craft storage ideas helpful in organizing your craft room.

Happy Crafting!


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