New Years Hat SVG

Create this easy to make fun New Years hat for New Years using card stock, vinyl and your Cricut.

happy New Years hat

You can make this New Years Hat to display or even decorate a card with it.

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Materials Needed

  • 1 Sheet of Black Cardstock
  • Gold Foil Adhesive
  • Silver Vinyl
  • Gold Foil Cardstock
  • Silver Metallic Poster Board
  • Foam Strips
  • Foam Dots
  • Transfer Tape
  • Design #133

You can also use parts of the New Years Hat decor and my fireworks SVG to make yourself a New Years shirt to wear for the holiday celebrations.

New Years shirt

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New Years Hat

New Years Hat


  • 1 Sheet of Black Cardstock
  • 1 Sheet of Gold Foil Cardstock
  • 1 Sheet of Silver Metallic Poster Board
  • Silver Vinyl
  • Gold Adhesive Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Foam Dots


  • Cricut Maker
  • Brayer
  • Standard Cutting Mat
  • Light Grip Cutting Mat
  • Spatula
  • Weeding Tool


Cutting Out the New Years Hat

Unzip the download file.

Then open up Design Space and start a new project.

Click Upload and find where you saved the unzipped version of the downloaded files for this project.

upload button

Then go into the SVG Folder and select the SVG Files

New Years hat in design space

You can resize the hat by selecting all and clicking on

design space resize

the size you would like the hat to be

the select all and click on

ungroup in design space

then once you have the size you want the hat and it is ungrouped

click on the Make It button

then the prepare screen will appear

select the large silver star and click on the three dots "..."

then the next screen will appear for you to choose a new mat

then click on continue

select a color for new mat then click on continue

please note the new color for this mat does not matter

next click on the hat band

click on the three dots

New Years hat click on move object on hat band

click on move object

then the next screen will appear for you to choose a new mat and then click on continue

choose a new mat color and click on continue

rearrange the items on the gold foil mat

click on the first mat

New Years hat prepare screen

and rearrange the small silver stars

Now if everything looks correct on it, click on the continue button
The next screen will be where you will select the type of card stock you are using. If you do not see the material in your material favorites, click on "browse all materials" to find the weight of cardstock that you are using. For example the black Cardstock I used is medium weight, you will need to select "Medium Weight"..
Once you have Design Space set, you are now ready to prepare your mat. I used a brayer when placing the Cardstock on the mat, this helps in making sure that the paper is adhered to the mat and will help in keeping the paper from ripping or moving when it is being cut. 

If you are making the New Years Hat you will not need to mirror the vinyl unless you are using HTV.

Assembling the New Years Hat

Starting with the hat piece

New Years hat hat piece

next take the goil foil hat band

New Years hat hat band

put foam strips on the back

New Years hat hat band with foam strips

and place it on the hat

then take the large silver star

New Years hat large silver star

put foam dots on the back of the star

New Years hat star with foam dots

and place it in the middle of the band

after weeding the gold adhesive foil pieces, cut the apart so you can add them to the hat one at a time

next take the wording

happy New Years hat words

add each word separately

starting with the word "year!"

using transfer tape add it to the top of the hat above the large silver star

New Years hat word year added

next using transfer tape add the word new

then using transfer tape add the word happy

next take the silver and gold small stars and add each one individually on to the hat using transfer tape

then take the confetti and add those two pieces to the hat

happy new years hat pinterest pin

happy New Years shirt

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Happy New Year!


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