Pinecone Wreath and Candle Ring

Learn how to create this easy to make wreath and candle ring for the holidays.

As the holidays draw near I wanted to create some wreaths and matching candle rings. I have always enjoyed having candle rings for the holidays and wanted to create some of my own designs.

The pinecone wreath and candle ring would make a nice addition to your Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday decor. It features pinecones, pine needles, acorns and orange slices.

pinecone candle ring with candle

The candle ring that I created I made for a 4 inch round candle, you can resize the candle ring to fit the candle you would like to use. To give your candle ring more depth you can take a styrofoam round and cut out the center for the candle and glue the candle ring onto it.

pinecone wreath

Add some pinecones, acorns and orange slices to your decor this holiday season by making the pinecone wreath and candle ring.

Materials Needed

  • Dark Green Cardstock
  • Medium Green Cardstock
  • Brown Cardstock
  • Orange Cardstock
  • Pale Yellow Cardstock
  • Medium Brown Cardstock
  • Light Blue/Green Cardstock
  • Pale Light Green Cardstock
  • Foam Dots
  • Barely Arts Glue
  • Design #187

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pinecone wreath

Pinecone Candle Wreath & Candle Ring


  • Brown Cardstock
  • Medium Brown Cardstock
  • Medium Green Cardstock
  • Light Blue/Green Cardstock
  • Pale Light Green Cardstock
  • Orange Cardstock
  • Yellow Cardstock
  • Glue
  • Foam Dots


  • Cricut Maker
  • Brayer
  • Standard Cutting Mat
  • Spatula


Cutting Out the Pinecone Wreath & Candle Ring

Unzip the download file.

Then open up Design Space and start a new project.

Click Upload and find where you saved the unzipped version of the downloaded files for this project.

upload button

Then go into the SVG Folder and select the SVG Files

You can resize the flower by selecting all and changing the size

design space resize

Then click on the Make It button

The prepare screen will appear

Now if everything looks correct on it, click on the continue button
The next screen will be where you will select the type of card stock you are using. If you do not see the material in your material favorites, click on "browse all materials" to find the weight of cardstock that you are using. For example the green Cardstock I used is medium weight, you will need to select "Medium Weight"..
Once you have Design Space set, you are now ready to prepare your mat. I used a brayer when placing the Cardstock on the mat, this helps in making sure that the paper is adhered to the mat and will help in keeping the paper from ripping or moving when it is being cut. 

Assembling the Pinecone Wreath & Candle Ring

Starting with the top wreath layer

put glue on the back and glue it to the bottom layer of the wreath

Next take the pine needles all but 5 of the large ones

and place them around the wreath to you have them where you want them, then glue them on

pinecone wreath with pine needles on it

then take the last 5 pine needles and place them on the wreath like shown below

glue them on also

for the candle ring I place the pineneedles like this

next take the orange slice pieces

glue the top layer with the cutouts on to the bottom layer

next take the pinecone pieces

glue the dark brown layer on to the light brown layer

then take the acorn pieces

glue the tops on the bottoms

place the orange slices and pinecones on the wreath arranging them

then using foam dots attach the pinecones and orange slices to the wreath, place one pinecone at the bottom of the wreath and surround it with the acorns as shown below

pinecone wreath

Candle Ring

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Happy Crafting!


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pinecone wreath and candle ring pinterest pin

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